Week 3. Day 3. The Big Tesuque and Stories!

Wednesday at the Big Tesuque!

Katie started the day by reading her book about Sandhill Cranes and showed the kids the process to create a picture book.

LITTLES:  Buddies created stories together and then hiked to a spot to work on their books or build shelters. Some of the kids made a shelter for a queen fairy and her pet dragons, while others worked on more serious tee pee structures with the counselors. We used watercolors to paint a story on some fallen bark and talked about the stories we saw the day before carved into the rocks and caves.  We told bear stories and did a group game of sharing stories about places they had been and what they had seen.

BIGS: Played in the river, and used a map to discover a less traveled trail.  We spent time quietly writing our animal stories and enjoying the peace of the forest.  A beautiful and relaxing day in the mountains!

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