Week 4. Day 1. Wildlife at the Beaver Ponds!

Thanks to Jeremy for taking photos today!

Monday at the Beaver Ponds!

We started our day all together at the Children’s Museum playing games and making our Group Contract for the week. We played a name game and had a snack before we loaded up in the Adventure Vans to head to the Beaver Ponds.

At the Beaver Ponds we saw plenty of wildlife. We met an expert from the Nature Conservancy who spoke to us about the Northern Leopard Frog reintroduction program. He was there to release tadpoles as a part of the program.  We also got to meet a wandering Garter snake. We saw a bullfrog and lots of butterflies and dragonflies.

We did sit spots and observed the pond and then drew what we saw. We found wild roses and raspberries!

One group hiked around the pond to find fossils.  Everyone was VERY excited about the fossils!  Another group stayed to play games and draw lots of fossils seen by hiker group.

It was a super fun day full of lots of exploration and discovery!

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