Kids Playing Outside

Awesome Animals of NM!

Summer Camp Week 1: May 28-31, 2024

Summer Camp 2024 launched by exploring the mountains of Santa Fe and the awesome animals that live here. While exploring the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, we learned about awareness of being in nature, listening for sounds all around and looking for animal signs. We saw many signs of the beaver that used to inhabit this area, and learned about the characteristics of beavers that enable them to live in a watery, cold environment, while chewing trees to make their homes and fill their bellies.

We played many animal themed games including Animal Charades, Pig, Tail Tag, and Park Ranger to think more about the characteristics of animals that help them thrive in the wild.

A visit to the Wildlife Center brought us up close and personal with real animals of New Mexico including owls, raptors, raccoons and snakes.

Of course, a week of Mountain Kids! wouldn’t be complete without imaginative play including boat-making, bridge-making and fort building. It was a wonderful week to kick off summer 2024, and we had a great time imagining the life of an animal and becoming one with the wild!

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