At Mountain Kids! we strive to meet the needs of our campers. Our staff are skilled facilitators that help navigate typical developmental behavior challenges and conflict resolution. We are committed to practicing within our scope of work and level of training. In order to uphold high standards of risk management staff are unable to give consistent 1:1 attention to a child. Camp participants should be able to listen to safety directions without physical intervention (for example; staying buckled in a moving vehicle), and be comfortable participating in group/social settings with peers. 

We want your child to receive the best possible care while at camp. If your child requires a specialized level of care, Mountain Kids! may not be the right fit. If you are wondering if Mountain Kids! is an appropriate fit for your child, please contact us.


We transport children to the mountains in our 15 passenger vans and busses. All children who legally require a car seat will need to leave one with us each day or for the week.  All of our drivers are trained and have an excellent driving safety record.


  • There is an Active Registration fee of $6.26 per session
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration for each week of camp.
  • Cancellations prior to May 15th will receive a refund of all fees except for the $100 non-refundable deposit per camp.  After May 15th there are no refunds.
  • If you would like to switch weeks, there is a $20 change fee.
  • Deposits are paid by credit card online. You may enroll in a payment plan to have the remaining balance collected automatically by Active in 3 installments: 3/15/24, 4/15/24 and 5/15/24.  You may also pay in full at the time of registration if you wish. Alternately, the balance is due one week prior to the camp start date.


Mountain Kids! has very low ratios (1:6 or 1:4) for safety, quality and educational reasons.  This makes our camp more costly than others. If you are unable to pay all program fees, you may apply for our scholarship fund which aims to reach all children, regardless of ability to pay.

To apply, please submit the online application and email hello@sfmountainkids.com to prompt an application review.  Applicants will be informed of awards as soon as we are able. We have reserved six spaces in each week of camp for scholarship participants.

Financial Aid Application

Please arrive on time to pick up your child. We need time after camp for our staff meetings.  Late arrivals will be charged for staff overtime. Thank you!


Parents must sign an (electronic) Release of Liability Waiver prior to their child participating in camp.  This includes a Photo Release which enables Mountain Kids! to use images of your child on our Blog or for promotional purposes. This is done during Registration.


Our first priority is the prevention of accidents.  By maintaining low adult-child ratios we are able to keep a watchful eye on all children. We also provide children with safety rules and guidelines for self-care to prevent accidents or illness from occurring. However, there are many circumstances that are beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, forces of nature, child behavior) and we can not guarantee the safety of of your child.  We use best practices for risk management in the outdoor industry. Should a medical emergency occur you will be contacted as soon as possible.

We take allergies and medical issues seriously and need to know about these in advance. All our Staff are trained in First Aid/CPR or Wilderness First Aid at a minimum.

Should your child require first aid at camp, we will administer it. If it is more serious than a cut or skinned knee, an Incident Report Form will be completed and you will be informed of the first aid provided. If an injury requires immediate medical attention, 911 will be called, you will be called, and your child will be evacuated immediately.


If we encounter rain, our first priority is getting everyone in their rain jackets and hats. If it is raining hard, we teach children how to find shelter and put up a tarp to get out of the rain.  We may also head back to the Adventure Van to get out of the rain.


Nature provides all that we need for entertainment. Please have your child leave toys, knives and cell phones at home.


Children may bring a compass, flashlight, signal mirror, bandana, or binoculars. These are especially encouraged during Wilderness Skills week, or our Bird week (binoculars).


Mountain Kids! staff are trained to create an inclusive space by engaging the participants in setting group agreements (the Communitree) so the days and weeks are held in a safe container. If a child at camp continually compromises the agreements of the Communitree, creates unsafe situations, or provokes and demeans other children, they may be asked to leave camp immediately or at the end of the day. Alternately, a child may be asked to stay home from camp for a day at the counselor and camp director’s discretion. There will be no camp fees refunded for a child who does not complete a session for these reasons.