Mountain Kids! is an outdoor education and adventure program for children based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We aim to foster a sense of community and personal challenge, while instilling a love of nature and all that it provides.


1. Nature connection is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
2. Safe, unstructured play provides powerful learning.
3. Nature fosters self-confidence, awareness, and a caring community.
4. Nature is beneficial to our physical and emotional well-being.
5. We care for the earth and all its inhabitants.


Mountain Kids! began in 2009 out of a mother’s desire to connect her children and their peers with nature and a community of outdoor enthusiasts. With a borrowed “Adventure Van” meeting in their backyard, a handful of children and adults began to play in the mountains three days per week during the hot month of June. Twelve years later, our community has grown to hundreds of families from Santa Fe and beyond!


Hands-on adventures in nature through exploration, imaginative play, games, stories, songs, art, hiking, natural history, backpacking, mountain biking and good-old fashioned fun! For children and teens ages 3-16.


With the current trends of nature deficit disorder and our highly scheduled, technology-driven lives, Mountain Kids! aims to hearken back to simpler times where child-centered play in nature was the norm.


Mountain Kids! aims to unplug our children and “Leave No Child Inside.” Children who play in the natural world enjoy a wealth of benefits, including better physical and mental health and improved focus and concentration.


Our goal is to reach all children in Santa Fe and beyond, helping to create a healthy new generation of young people, that care about the earth and each other.