Tuesday, July 2nd – Mud and Clay in Galisteo!

Today we began with some fun warm up games, buddies and snack. We then headed off to Galisteo where we love to find clay and cool off in the river.

LITTLES: As soon as we arrived there was a huge area of clay and mud. Before we had time to hike the kids had jumped right in and were overjoyed to be splashing and playing in the mud. Once they were sufficiently muddy, we went to the river for them to try and rinse off. It was a challenge to get the sticky mud off!

We had lunch by the river and read a folk tale. Then we went on a short hike both on land and through the river. After more time to get stuck in the mud and play with the clay, we hiked back to clean off, have closing circle and head home!

BIGS: TWe really found a lot of animal signs! We found turkey vulture feathers, fox scat, raccoon scat, coyote tracks, little tiny mouse feet tracks in the mud, mayflies, dragonflies, a toad, tadpoles, water snails, a few birds that had died and been washed into the river, and of course lots of mud! We talked about how the animals come out after the rain and leave their tracks and scat everywhere because they can’t smell any human scent after the rain.  It was a fun day in the river at Galisteo!

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