Monday, July 1st: Animals at the Beaver Ponds!

Today we went to beaver ponds! We began the day making a group contract, where we all agreed to the rules of camp.

Serenity and Ziggy as beavers!
Serenity and Ziggy as beavers!

At circle we dressed up Serenity and Ziggy as beavers to learn about how beavers live in COLD water, and stay warm, make their homes, dig, chew down trees,etc.  They were good sports and looked pretty funny and cute!  Each camper got a buddy for the day and they had snack together (we do this every day with new buddies).

At the Beaver Ponds, the LITTLES took a short hike and then stopped for lunch. We saw wild mushrooms, dragonflies, lizards, and butterflies. After lunch we hiked farther to a spot where we played ‘meet a tree/plant’ with our buddies.  Then we hiked farther and each camper got an animal assignment for the week. They got a picture with facts about their animal and then worked on a drawing of their animal. After playing a few more games we hiked back to the vans.

The BIGS had a great time at the beaver pond.  We found some really large fossil shells, and learned the difference between igneous and sedimentary rocks. We played camouflage in the Chamisa, saw a red-tailed hawk soaring, and had personal sit spot time.  Overall, a great start to the week!

Back at the museum the LITTLES and BIGS shared what we had seen with each other.

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