Mountain Biking Camp!

August 2-6 | Ages 8-13

8:30–3:30 | Early & After Camp Available

Monday-Thursday $395 | Mon-Fri $475 | Mon-Fri (8-5:30) $575 + tax

Challenge Level:

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate rider, grab your mountain bike and get tuned up for some riding adventures! Riders will learn tips for riding single track, trail etiquette, and riding smart. We will ride at La Tierra where there is plenty of single-track and a great flow track full of whoop-de-doos and yehaws.  We will split the group according to age and skill. If we get some really hot days, we will reward ourselves by heading to a cool, watery location!

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Wilderness Survival Shelters

Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about survival shelters and gain wilderness survival skills in this week long adventure. What is a debris hut and how it is different than a wicki-up? Why won’t a stick fort keep me warm and dry, and how can I make it so it will? We will learn about survival shelters and about primitive and modern fire-making techniques, and make our own food over the fire on our overnight campout.  Campers will need their own camping gear. 

June 21-25 | Ages 8-12

8:30–3:30 pm | Overnight Campout Wednesday Night 

Mon-Thu $425 | Mon-Fri $495 | Mon-Fri (8-5:30) $595 + tax

Challenge Level:

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Forts & Forests

June 21-25 | Ages 5-7

8:30–3:30 pm | Early & After Care Available

Mon-Thu $347 | Mon-Fri $425 | Mon-Fri (8-5:30) $475 + tax

Challenge Level:

Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about forts, survival shelters, forests and trees in this week long adventure of building forts and fairy houses. What is a debris hut and how it is different than a wicki-up? Why won’t a stick fort keep me warm and dry, and how can I make it so it will? We will learn about trees and use them for crafts, to make fairy houses, play Tree Tag, Meet-a-Tree and other favorite activities as part of this awesome week of tree loving fun!

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Bikes and Boats!

June 7-11 | Ages 8-12 

8:30–3:30 | Wednesday overnight at Abiquiu Lake

Mon-Thu $450 | Mon-Fri $530 | Mon-Fri (7:45-5:30) $630 + tax

Campers need their own Mountain Bike & Helmet, plus camping equipment 

This fun-filled camp offers time on mountain bikes, in kayaks and hiking on trails. We will spend three days mountain biking and learning new skills at La Tierra, and two days at Abiquiu Lake camping, swimming and kayaking. Campers will build confidence, skills and learn team work as we play together and have a blast in the summer sun.

Challenge Level:

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Wonders of Water (with The Friz!)

Join our very own Ms. Frizzle as we explore all things water! Campers will have the opportunity to play and learn near many natural water sources.  We will learn how to find water in a survival situation and practice purifying water from the wild to drink. We will learn where our water comes from, where it goes, and how to conserve this precious resource. This week will definitely be a cool time in hot weather!

June 7-11 | Ages 5-7

8:30–3:30 | Early & After Care Available

Mon-Thu $347 | Mon-Fri $425 | Mon-Fri (8-5:30) $550 + tax

Challenge Level:

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Spring Mountain Biking (for Kids & Mamas:)

Mondays &/or Wednesdays | March 23 – May 19, 2021

Beginning & Intermediate Riders, Ages 7-14

Mondays – 3:30-5:00 PM – Riders Ages 7-10

Wednesdays – 4-5:30 PM – Riders Ages 7-9

Wednesdays – 4:00-6:00PM – Ages 9-14

Mountain Mamas (Dads Welcome) on Wednesdays!  Beginner and Intermediate adult riders are invited to join us. Ride while your kids ride! Ditch the errands and hit the trails with some other intrepid Moms and Dads!

Challenge Level:

Beginner, intermediate and advanced mountain bikers are invited to join us after school to learn riding skills, challenge themselves, and have fun! Beginners will learn the basics: ready position, gearing and braking, climbing and descending, and trail safety and awareness. More advanced riders will be introduced to skills such as: cornering, riding switchbacks, track stand, climbing techniques, and riding over logs and other obstacles. Having fun, positive mindset, and team work are emphasized for all levels of riders!

Program will meet at La Tierra, Frijoles trailhead. Intermediate & Advanced riders may meet at other trailheads during the season.

COVID-safe practices will be followed. 

Spring Tuition: $360 + tax for 9 sessions

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If session is full, please join the waitlist and we will add another group of 5 when we have enough people.


Wildside Saturdays

January – May | Monthly Saturdays | Ages 5-12 | 10am – 3pm

Winter & Spring Dates: January 30, February 27, March 27, April 24

Challenge Level:

Wildside is a monthly skills building and nature connection program which runs throughout the school year, with seasonal enrollment.

This is an empowering adventure for children and youth, providing them an opportunity to inquire, engage and challenge themselves in skills that will provide them with a deep sense of nature connection and accomplishment.

Wilderness skills, archery, tracking, orienteering, shelter building and natural crafts will be a part of our time together. As a group we will build strong trust and communication skills and have a lot of fun playing team building and nature-connection games.

COVID-safe practices will be enforced. Adult:Camper Ratio is 1:5.

Fall Tuition:$340 + tax.

Monthly drop-in available, space permitting: $85 + tax

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Mountain Kids! After School Program

When virtual school is over for the day, it is time to step away from the screen, and get your kids out to play in nature!

Mountain Kids! After School program is a place for children to engage in free-play, group games, exploration, hiking, wilderness skills, and arts & crafts during adventures on local trails and in parks.

Studies (and experience) show that being outside in nature is good for children’s social, emotional and spiritual health. Children develop greater confidence, team work skills and build up tolerance for adversity by spending time outside, and so much more!  All of this while having fun, getting dirty, and best for parents; tired!

COVID-safe practices will be followed. Masks and hand-sanitizing are required by children and staff. Adult: Camper Ratio is 1:5.

Monday or Tuesday | Ages 5-12 | 3:30-5:30pm

January 11 – May 21 , 2021

Spring Break: Week of March 15

Challenge Level: (Age-Appropriate)

Monthly Tuition: $160 + tax

Enroll in 2 days weekly for 10% Tuition Discount

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