Monday, July 15th: Beaver Ponds and Children’s Museum

We had a lovely day. Unexpectedly, we canceled our trip to the mountains due to rain (YAY for rain!!) and cold. The Bobcats (7-11) went to the Beaver Ponds. They went for a short hike until they saw that the lightning was getting closer and decided to head back to the museum for snack and games and stories. We learned about the water, the four directions, and how to stay safe with too much sun,  rain, or lighting. The Otters (5-7) stayed at the museum for the day. We did coloring activities, played games, read stories, and had a really nice, mellow day. It was great to have so much time for the group to get to know each other. The kids did activities with their buddies and had time to really socialize.  We built a great foundation for our big hike and adventure tomorrow. Apologies for the lack of Otter (and Bobcat!) pictures. We will make up for that tomorrow! 🙂

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