July 4th: Digging into the Past, Week 1: Pecos National Monument

Tuesday was enjoyable and very informative for everyone! We had a calm morning of making clay sculptures, playing a few games, a snack, and then started on our journey to Pecos National Monument.

Pecos is impeccably beautiful, and contains the history of the Native Americans, Spanish settlers, and a Civil war site.  Amazing! Though it was hot, there were lovely clouds all day long that provided perfect relief!

We went through the main trail and stopped at every point to read, talk, and listen to the speculations and facts about the area. We learned what a descendant is, what a kiva is, and what the ancient people who used to live there were like. It was fascinating to climb into the Kiva and see the ruins and the old church built by the Franciscan monks.

After hiking the trail, we had the great treat of watching a very short film about Pecos and its history over the last few thousand years. Then we fully explored the museum and noticed many wonderful objects and beautiful art. 

We finished up our last bits of food in some nice shade and listened to a Native American story. Then into the van we went, listening to James and The Giant Peach all the way home. Arriving back at Alto Park we played Park Ranger until everyone had to go home. What a sweet day outdoors for all!

~ written by Page Bancroft

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