Digging into the Past Week 2: Petroglyph Site & Fossil Hunting

We started our week with an archeological dig at Alto Park, where we sectioned off a 10×10 patch of park, just like archeologists do, to see what we could find.  We found a lot of trash, which is certainly telling about our society!  We discussed what archeologists do, and how they essentially are also looking for ancient trash, called artifacts. We talked about how archeologists work together with geologists, paleontologists and paleobotanists to dig into the past.

After games, art, circle, and snack we headed out to the petroglyph site on airport road to see some authentic evidence of our past. It was fun decipher the pictures to try to figure out what they were trying to say about their lives. Afterwards, the older campers (who had decided to be Peregrine Falcons this week), headed to Base Camp to make their own petroglyph tablets, do some archery, and run through the sprinkler to cool off!  The Megalodons, our 5-7 year old group, went back to Alto Park to play games in the shade. It was a hot and fun day to start our week of Digging into the Past!

Day 2 took the Megalodons to the Beaver Ponds to go fossil hunting. We found a lot of fossils in the rocks there and discussed on how they got there.  We hiked onward to the Santa Fe River to cool off and play in the water. Katie arrived to lead us in a game of Eagle Eye, a fun game of hiding and sneaking. Back at the park we wrapped up the day with a game of Frog Detective. Another fun day of digging into the rich past of the Santa Fe area!

Please enjoy the photos below of the 5-7 year olds.

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