Thursday, July 18th: Rio En Medio

After our morning games and general drop off hub bub, we made a circle to discuss our day. We spoke about poison ivy (leaves of three, let them be), and about being careful with unknown plants. Then we spoke about maps.

We split into teams of 4 (two otters and two bobcats). Each team was given a map of the childrens museum with different areas highlighted. They had to use the map to find each location and collect an item at each location. Once they collected all the items, they got to have snack and a small prize!

We loaded up and drove the beautiful drive to Rio en Medio. We hiked to the river, ate, and then split into two groups: the super hikers who wanted to go all the way to the waterfall, and the river play group that wanted to play more than hike. The hikers headed off and the players went on a short hike to look at butterflies, stick bugs, lizards, wildflowers, and play in the river. They had the option of doing watercolor painting or games, but mostly they wanted to build dams (that were destroyed at the end) and play in the water. The hikers made it to the waterfall. They had a little time to play and then hiked back. We all met back up at the end to hike the remainder of the trail together!

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