Program Director

The Program Director will lead and oversee all aspects of Mountain Kids! programming. The position includes staff selection and program planning with the support of the ED, as well as operational and risk management, staff training, and communication with parents and staff members.  The Program Director will have time in the field with our SFPS grant-funded work, and will support our objective to bring outdoor learning to communities by building connections with families, teachers, principals, and partner organizations. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, experience leading a team and be resourceful and solution oriented.

Desired Skillset:

  • Self-starter, independent, resourceful, savvy, responsible
  • Leadership skills and experience
  • Detail-oriented, multi-tasker, organized, good with time management
  • Extraordinary verbal communicator with parents, children and staff
  • Kid-friendly, outdoor enthusiast and environmentally conscious
  • Excellent judgment, problem-solving skills and flexibility
  • Ability to coordinate logistics and handle the unexpected
  • Risk Management knowledge and experience

Primary Responsibilities:

Pre-Camp Planning

  • Lead staff selection and onboarding for MK Summer Camp and Bishop’s Lodge program
  • Support curriculum planning with Director and other staff
  • Review Risk Management plans and protocol, maintain an ongoing assessment of safety practices and infectious disease protocols, including reviewing previous incidents 
  • Plan and implement Staff Training, with director and other team members
  • Review and prepare program supplies, including first aid kits, t-shirts; order supplies needed
  • Schedule guest speakers & field trip locations, dates, and times
  • Plan for backup locations if forest is closed
  • Communicate with partners (i.e. SFPS, Audubon, City of Santa Fe, SFNF) regarding pick-up, locations, required permits and reporting
  • Plan and implement community building/fundraising event with Director and other staff
  • Support Grant research and fundraising as needed
  • Co-lead SFPS Field trips, CIS program, as needed
  • Support Outdoor Learning Week and other events promoting outdoor learning

Summer Camp Program

Leading Staff

  • Schedule, plan and lead Staff meetings – provide supportive team environment
  • Oversee camp counselors and CITs performance and ongoing support and training via check-ins, field visits (1x weekly), and performance reviews
  • Oversee counselor adherance to program safety protocols, filing incident reports
  • Oversee counselor adherance to staff uniforms (MK T-shirts on Mondays)\
  • Ensure upload of photos from staff weekly on Thursday (for Friday email)
  • Plan monthly staff bonding activities during summer
  • Issue and record Staff gear distribution and collect when employment is complete
  • Arrange substitute counselors as needed
  • Have hard conversations with staff as needed, help resolve conflicts or improper behavior
  • Write up CIT feedback forms/references


  • Be present at morning drop off and pick up (Mon-Fri, Drop off: 8:30am-9:30/10 am, Pick up: 3:15-4:30pm) to meet and greet parents, kids, counselors, at Patrick Smith Park
  • Oversee adherence to program plans: morning games, art, circle time, bathroom breaks/protocol, water re-fills, car seats installed, extra clothes for each camper
  • Distribute MK t-shirts to new campers each week on Tuesdays
  • Support Bishop’s Lodge program (Thurs, Fri, Sat)  by being present at initial program days for new staff, communicating with BL staff team as to weekly needs (numbers of kids, cancelled days, etc.). Director will support as needed. 
  • Communicate with Director via weekly meetings, and as needed
  • Communicate with Office Manager via weekly meetings, and as needed
  • Ensure all programs have weekly paperwork, and staff review campers allergies and special needs weekly
  • Ensure/facilitate organization, cleaning and maintainentance of program supplies, including vans
  • Procure and gather supplies needed for overnight campouts, including camp gear, food and kitchen equipment (see lists in MK drive)
  • Support and participate in overnight campouts by driving gear to site, helping staff as needed. 
  • Oversee location plans, and reports sent to SFNF prior to each week of camp (communicate plans with Office Manager who sends report prior to each week )
  • Communicate with parents in person and as needed via email and phone
    • Ensure delivery of pre-program emails (Office Manager)
    • Special emails: location changes, weather disruption, campouts
    • Weekly end-of-camp email with link to evaluation and weekly photos (Office Manager sends with photos supplied by staff)
    • One-on-one parent meetings, as needed for behavioral issues, or other concerns
  • Post informative social media content 2-3x/week (counselors provide material)
  • Update curriculum planners, as needed, before and after each week of program
  • Additions or subtractions to scope of work may be made at any time, according to mutual agreement.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • $28/hour paid as an employee
  • Estimated Weekly Hours: 20
  • Pre-Camp – 9 weeks, Summer Camp – 9 weeks
  • Two (unpaid) weeks off during summer
  • Pro Deals
  • Training and Mentorship