Wilderness Skills! May 23-26, 2016

THE EAGLES’ ADVENTURE (9-12 year olds):

This week’s Survival Skills camp took flight with nine exceptional “Eagles” team members. On day one, the flock explored the Beaver Ponds. We played a great game of “Camouflage” wherein one player must scan the terrain, and spot the children who have cleverly hidden themselves behind trees and shrubs. We also discussed optimal shelter sites, and the factors that contribute to making this decision. Tuesday, was full of action! The eagles learned how to make paracord bracelets, practiced their bow and arrow skills, as well as used their strategical thinking caps during the always popular game of “Capture the Flag.” To end the day, Katie discussed the contents of a first aid kit, and the importance of having a good attitude in survival situations. Wednesday, gave the Eagles a chance to nest, as they built two impressive shelters in the woods of Black Canyon. After shelter-building-hiking, and a multitude of silly, knee-slapping games, we ended the day making s’mores, and sharing stories of the coolest place we had ever slept. The next morning the Eagles arose, and ate oatmeal around a fire. All were in good spirits, and we headed off to take down our shelters (leave no trace), and hike by a peaceful stream. During our last circle, where each person has the chance to say something to the group, we shared some sentimental and hilarious memories that were made. As we drove back to town, the campers were singing, and giggling, and the counselor’s knew they just had an incredible experience with a fine group of future nature advocates.

The Owls Adventure (5-8 year olds):

The Owls learned how to survive in the wilderness through discussions about safety in the outdoors and through their creative play. The Owls learned how to find North both with and without a compass, they talked over how to stay safe and found in the outdoors using the acronym, S.A.F.E.R, and they also discussed the 6 W’s (who, what, when, where, why, and weather) of staying safe in the wilderness. The group’s favorite activity was building forts! At each site we visited, the owls created forts using fallen branches and bark, and they worked as a team to build sturdy and beautiful shelters.

Presenting, the Owls!  Dirty faces, and all! 🙂


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