Week 4. Day 4. Nambe Falls!

Thursday at Nambe Falls

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LITTLES:  We practiced hiking single file over rocks and through the river to the lower part of the falls.  We ate and played in the falls, which was fun a very COLD (compared to the HEAT of the day!)

We played games with buddies, found beautiful driftwood and listened to a story about rocks: “Everybody Needs a Rock.”  We made up a story about the driftwood and water and rocks at Nambe Falls.  Then shared our own stories from memory.

BIGS: The Super Hikers took a trail up to a beautiful overlook view of the waterfall.  It was hot but well worth the view!  Afterwards we went down to cool off and play in the river.  We saw a giant bird’s nest in the cliff and water pouring from the rock walls.  We read, “Everybody Needs a Rock” to wrap up a great day at the Falls!

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  1. Esha Chiocchio - July 2, 2013 at 9:59 am Reply

    The blog looks amazing! What a wonderful time you all are having out there!!! It’s so fun to live vicariously through the blog and see what you all have been doing during Mountain Kids. What an amazing camp!

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