Week 4. Day 4. Nambe Falls!

Thursday at Nambe Falls

LITTLES:  We practiced hiking single file over rocks and through the river to the lower part of the falls.  We ate and played in the falls, which was fun a very COLD (compared to the HEAT of the day!)

We played games with buddies, found beautiful driftwood and listened to a story about rocks: “Everybody Needs a Rock.”  We made up a story about the driftwood and water and rocks at Nambe Falls.  Then shared our own stories from memory.

BIGS: The Super Hikers took a trail up to a beautiful overlook view of the waterfall.  It was hot but well worth the view!  Afterwards we went down to cool off and play in the river.  We saw a giant bird’s nest in the cliff and water pouring from the rock walls.  We read, “Everybody Needs a Rock” to wrap up a great day at the Falls!

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