Wednesday, July 10th @ Los Golondrinas

LITTLES: We learned about butterflies and practiced our yoga butterfly pose. We explored the old town, saw goats, and visited the blacksmith. We then went by some beautiful cotton woods to read stories, work on water colors, play games, and climb trees. Almost everyone fell asleep in the van home after a very fun and sunny day!

BIGS: We had the best time here collecting big handfuls of cotton coming from the cottonwood trees!  We talked to the blacksmith and he showed us how to make an iron fork with a twist in it. He said it takes about four hour to make one fork!  We went to the old school house and pretended to be in school.  We did cursive practice on the chalkboards.

This location is very special, so if you have not been there here is also some info on the place:

This historic Rancho, now a living history museum, dates from the early 1700s and was an important ‘paraje’ or stopping place along the famous Camino Real, the Royal Road from Mexico City to Santa Fe.

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