Volcanoes Rock! July 25-28, 2016

We had such a fun week during Volcano and Rock week! After a special guest taught us about fossils, the Hummingbirds and Owls headed out to the beaver ponds to search for some, while the Eagles explored the rushing waterfall of Rio en Medio. On Tuesday, it was the Hummingbirds’ and owls’ turn to splashed around in the frigid Rio En Medio waterfall! The Eagles visited Mesa Prieta and the Rio Grande on Tuesday. Wednesday we set out to hike at Tent Rocks. With extra water bottles in hand, we managed to enjoy the strange geological sculptures that towered above us. It was HOT! We stayed safe by playing games under Pinon tree shadows and resting. Thursday was the grand finale. The Valles Caldera was truly thought-provoking for some, and offered a nice trail through wildflower meadows. The Hummingbirds and Owls looped around a volcanic bulge, now covered in plants and trees, that offered excellent rock-climbing and shade. Due to lightning, we swiftly hiked back to the nature center where Thomas, our gifted story tell, enraptured his audience, keeping the small center quiet for other visitors. Meanwhile, the Eagles escaped the rain and enjoyed the features at Tsankawi. The kids will think about these days, later in life, and realize that week was as rich as the volcanic soil they walked on!


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