Tuesday, July 9th @ Base Camp & Shidoni

LITTLES: Shidoni Sculpture Garden

We had a wonderful time with all the huge sculptures. The grassy area gave us lots of room for running and playing. We played frog detectives and learned a lot about bees. We all got tattoos with a trout and a message to take care of the river and the Santa Fe National Forest! We all chose a statue to draw and make up stories about. Then we read books about spiders and bees! It was a wonderful, low key day!

BIGS: Base Camp

We got oriented to Base Camp and the started a game of Sardines. We took turns doing archery, shelter building and mountain biking before lunch.   After lunch some of us made sunprints of insects while others chose to do more archery and shelter building.  As a group we made a really awesome shelter where we had story time to end the day!

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