The Secret Language of Birds and Intermediate Backpacking! August 1-4, 2016

The Secret Language of Birds!

The Hummingbirds and Owls kicked off their week at the Beaver Ponds, keeping their eyes and ears open for birds! A rare find excited us all as a counselor pointed out a tiny hummingbird nest, expertly spotted in a tree. We also enjoyed watching a few male red-winged blackbirds perched on cattails. Tuesday the kids braved a stormy hike in Norski before heading down to little T for some shelter. Wednesday was an excellent day! The Hummingbirds and Owls headed over to the Wildlife Center and learned about predator/prey birds. We saw red-tailed hawks, a peregrine falcon, bald eagle, and a host of owls among many more. It was truly awesome to have the chance to see these birds up-close. For our final day of camp we headed to Big Tesuque where the children built forts, played in the creek, and decorated the counselors’ hair with fresh wildflowers. Between all the bird-learning, games, and free time, it made for a memorable and fun week!

Intermediate Backpacking!

Just back from a three day backpacking trip with 11 kids and 3 adults this past week along the Rio Santa Barbara. Such a blast!

We experienced pouring rain and thunder, warm sun and incredible beauty. We had cattle tromping through our site day and night, saw a grouse in a tree, a beaver pond and met a nest of angry yellow jackets. We hiked to a stunning meadow surrounded by rocky cliffs and a gorgeous view of North Truchas Peak. We sang silly songs, played games (that the kids turned into political satire: i.e. Capture the Candidate, instead of Capture the Flag). We left chatter of video games and iphones on the trail after day 1 without adult prompting.

We shared from the heart during circle time, ate simply, lived simply, and all expressed a desire to spend more time in nature. What an inspiring end to our summer season, and a reminder that we need to do more: to get both kids and adults out into nature.
Thanks to all the kids (one camper experienced his first time ever camping!) and parents who made it happen. Memories for life made, so many more adventures to come!


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