Summer 2011: Week 5 – The Earth is our Playground!

We took this theme to heart by returning to Galisteo for more fun with clay and water.  We talked about myths involving people made of clay.

On day two we were fortunate to get to hike up the Santa Fe River to the wonderful playground and yard of two of our campers.  The kids were in heaven, playing in the tree house, jumping on the trampoline, and making kites!  We also visited the Fairy Tree there where the kids found wonderful treasures to take home.

The following day we ventured to another new location: the Leonora Curtin Preserve.  We enjoyed hiking there and learning about the birds that flock there because of the pond.  We found, perhaps, the biggest tree of the summer there, and found it took a lot of Mountain Kids to wrap our arms around it.   We made sun prints and did sound maps while we were there too.

On our last day of Camp, we enjoyed base camp one more time.   Drum making, fort building, plenty of games, and a closing drum circle were a great way to end a wonderful season of Mountain Kids camp for 2011!

For more images from Week 5 check out the web gallery here!

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