Summer 2011: Week 2 – Water, Water Everywhere (or so it seemed!)

Week 2 took us to some incredible watery locations.  With fires burning and the effects of the drought very apparent, everyone was happy to be near water!  We had a wonderfully refreshing day at Nambe Falls to start the week off.  What a great place to explore, climb and find beautiful rocks.  On our drive there and back, everyone took to singing “Down by the Bay” and they all loved to make up their own silly verse.

The Rio en Medio was our destination for day two.  A group of Bobcats wanted to get to the waterfall, while the Otters were happy to hike a while, and then stop to paint, play and explore.  The refreshing (read: VERY cold!) and spectacular waterfall was a great reward for the Bobcats.

Day three took us to Las Golondrinas where we learned about frogs and all of the kids engaged in imaginative play together under the big tree.  This is always a special place for the kids where they turn into animals or other creatures as they engage in games of their own creation.

We finished the week at Base Camp with more team building games, water relays and book making.  We ended the week by creating a rainstorm with the hope that we could bring some our way!

To see all the photos from Week 2 go to the web gallery here.

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