Mountain Mamas! Hiking for Connection & Clarity

Need a dose of clarity found in nature?
Want more exercise and time for self-care? Craving community?
Mountain Mamas will meet each week to hike, connect, and share. With time for sit spots, discussion, journalling and photography, you will have time for yourself, and for creating community while getting a good dose of nature and exercise endorphins!
Hitting the trail May 2nd!
Special Introductory Pricing – Monthly Membership: $99
Our first month includes 5 hikes (There are five Wednesdays in May!)
Wednesdays, 8:30 am-11:00 am, various trailheads in Santa Fe

Why Mountain Mamas?

I created this program because of my own experience of emerging from ‘the fog of early motherhood.’ When I started to get outside, get fit and connect with other mamas, I rediscovered my own strength, clarity and happiness.

What You Get:

1. Fitness in Nature – Combining the benefits of regular exercise with time spent in nature is what we call double bonus points! Studies have shown that by immersing into (observing, breathing, and touching) nature, we experience benefits for the body and soul. In this hyper-connected, hi-tech era, it can help decrease stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and improve overall well-being. The Japanese call it ‘forest bathing’ and have been practicing it since the 1980s.
2. Mindfulness – We will practice ‘Sit Spots’, a form of mindfulness in nature, bringing together the benefits of meditation and creating opportunities for greater nature-connection.
3. Community – Connect with other women to share the joys and challenges of motherhood. Weekly circles will enable sharing and discussion.
4. Nature Journalling – Each Mountain Mama will receive her own Journal for guided activities and for freely recording your own musings and inspiration in nature.
5. Get in Shape for Backpacking – Get in shape for our Fall 2018 Gourmet Backpacking Trip!

Need Childcare? More Info? Email Katie to inquire.
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