Wildside: Wilderness Skills & Adventures for Boys

Ages: 9-12
Four Spring Saturdays, 11 am-4 pm. April 14 & 28, May 5 & 19

Tuition: 240 + tax
Challenge Level:    
The time leading up to a young boy’s moment of initiation into the teens is a most important one. This is a time of teaching boys the skills and arts necessary for life on the living, breathing earth in which they’re immersed.
Boys long to feel a deep relation with the wild. At Wildside, through adventure, challenge, skill-building and play they will lay the foundation for a lifelong connection with the natural world.
The boys will learn the way of the bow, fire making skills, tracking, orienteering, plant medicine making, shelter building and will build strong trust and communication skills. Of course, fun is a natural and essential part of learning outdoors, and will be incorporated into our days together in liberal doses.
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