Mountain Kids! Summer Camp 2018

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Give the Gift of Nature to a child you love for 2018!

At Mountain Kids children spend all day outside connecting with nature, building self-confidence and a love of nature and all that it provides. Our activities facilitate respect for one another and the natural world, building on children’s natural wonder and curiosity about nature.

We teach basic outdoor safety and wilderness survival skills, also allowing time to engage in free play, so essential to their learning and development. Through cooperative play, singing, stories, art, and guided quiet time, children’s innate curiosity about the natural world is embraced and nurtured.  We run for joy, and slow down to listen and learn from nature’s wonders.

Weekly themes inform our circle time and activities. However, we embrace the serendipity of learning in nature where our classroom is always changing and presenting us with new and unplanned learning opportunities.

Children are assigned a new buddy each day to help them to build new friendships and to take care of one other.

Mountain Kids! programs include all transportation, materials, entrance fees and an end of camp snack and celebration.

Samples of our weekly themes for ages 5-15 include:

Wilderness Skills, Forts & Forests, Wonders of Water, Aspiring Archeologists, Digging into the Past, Muddy Buddies, Dirt, Rocks and Clay, Photo Safari, Natural Crafts, Backpacking Trips, Mountain Biking, Amazing Animals! and The Earth is our Playground.


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