May 27th – 30th: Owls at Play! with Tremendous Trees and Wonderful Wildflowers!

Yes, it’s true,  the Owls (formerly known as Littles), may have broken the Cute-O-Meter out in the National Forest this week!!

From the Big Tesuque to the Norski Trails, and from the Beaver Ponds to magical Deer Creek, these adorable explorers met trees and found flowers.  They Built-a-Tree AND Built-a-Flower. They made shelters and double-decker forts. They got dirty and got wet. They learned about Producers and Consumers and pretended to be that. They met new buddies and made friends with the earth.

They learned a BIG word which they may not recall, Biomimicry, ‘mimicking life’ with the Mirror Game helped to make it small.

Sit Spots and singing songs ~ yes, “Our roots DO go down, down to the earth~”

Flying like eagles and jumping like frogs, running like cheetahs and laying down like logs.

The Cute-o-Meter is broken~ it does not go that high!

Yes, it was a tremendously wild, and wonderful, first week of Mountain Kids Summer 2014.


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