June 5-8, 2017: Forts & Forests, Week 1, 8-12 year old Chuckwallas!

Our two weeks of Forts & Forests at Mountain Kids! was an incredible journey of exploring, engineering, team building, and discovering all of our individual capabilities. Along the way we learned and practiced important survival skills such as finding the directions, making shelter for different scenarios, watching for/ understanding weather and wilderness safety, signaling for help, and starting a fire without matches by hand/bow drill.

I am beyond impressed with the Mountain Kids!  The maturity, thoughtfulness, respect, and unique skills/talents of each camper has really shown through; allowing us to accomplish and discover some really amazing things in nature. ~  Morgan, affectionately known as “Morgie”

Below, I caught up with the Chuckwallas at the Big T to grab a portrait for each camper and some group shots, and Morgan and Ezra shared some action shots for the blog. Enjoy! ~ Katie

I also got to hang out for our end of day Circle time, which was so sweet. I love to hear what the kids have to say about the week and what they learned.  You can see that they bring a good amount of humor and also pride when they are speaking to the group.  I love to witness the growth happening each week at camp. ~ Katie

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