June 5-8, 2017: Forts & Forests, Week 1, 5-7 year old Wolves!

We started our week at the Beaver Ponds – creating forts in the existing thickets and playing Eagle Eye. Learning how and where to find shelter, without having to create something is an important skill. The Wolves noticed an abundance of Horse Tail and we talked about why we never over harvest anything even if it looks cool or is good for us. Much was explored by all in this new terrain that seemed so varied along the trail from dry to wet to dry again. On Tuesday we really got into building, and learning about shelters at the Norski trail. Some of the Wolves made little fairy houses and noticed the lichen and moss on the rocks and trees.  All the Mountain Kids!, big a small, worked together to create some amazing forts!  On Wednesday we went to the Big Tesuque where we hiked up to a meadow, explored a huge fort and played some games. The wolves played in a gorgeous bank area where the water was so fresh and clean that Rebecca taught them all how to filter it! Page made fairy crowns for some of the Wolves out of the abundance of wild dandelion blossoms. There was an area covered with so, so many butterflies it was astounding –  some of the Wolves sat with Page and noticed how they danced upon the flowers.  Thursday we went to the Little Tesuque Creek where everyone enjoyed the wild nature all around. The wolves had a sit spot and listened to a story while the Chuckwallas really extended their limbs and explored the canyon in their own way.  Overall, it was a wonderful week of fort building and fun in the mountains, and playing with snails, art making and games at Alto Park!

Enjoy the photos of the Wolves below, including a portrait of each little Wolf!

Rebecca got some action shots on the trail too:


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