June 12-15: Forts & Forests Overnight, Week 2, 8-12 year olds

On our overnight the kids built their own shelters and slept in them. The excitement for of this task was truly reflected in the amazing structures they built. The dedication, teamwork and effort was inspiring to be a part of.

That night we started our fire by bow drill  – Katie and Ezra demonstrated, and then the campers had the opportunity to try.  Some of the girls wanted to try it using the teamwork approach, which was great!  Once we had the fire going (after Ezra cranked out a coal) we made campfire nachos, yum! Our feast continued with corn on the cob, cooked in the fire, sausages and s’mores.

After feeding ourselves, we sang and played games and laughed around the fire until we could not stay awake any longer.  The short walk to our shelters was fun in the dark, and everyone settled down quickly for an evening in our shelters.

The week and the campout were a blast, even if we didn’t sleep too much!

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