Amazing Animals! June 20-23, 2016

The Amazing Animals week was a hit!  The Hummingbirds and the Owls eagerly participated in a variety of animal-themed activities.  Tracing animal tracks, playing animal charades, and handling different skulls and pelts made for a full week of learning!  There was one animal that stood out more than any other, however, and it received a mixed reception: the tent caterpillar.  Yes, this fuzzy, creature can be seen by the thousands, chomping away at aspen leaves at Big Tesuque.  Whether the children chose to save them from floating down the creek, or opted to organize an anti-tent caterpillar campaign in favor of the Aspens, it cannot be questioned that the critters proved fascinating..  The Hummers and Owls ended their week at the Norski playing hide and seek, and building forts from fallen branches. The kids learned to efficiently get ready to go, and we made it back just in time for a deluge, huddled in the van. A big thank you goes out to all the parents who tolerated the rain and quickly picked up their kids! We hope that they will come back to Mountain Kids for more fun and excitement!

Adventures of the Hummingbirds and Owls:

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